TechZ Solutions is in the business of developing unique and effective, multimedia and multilingual learning tools for a plethora of industries, educational institutions and student community. The main focus is concentrated on creating multilingual values with the assistance of cost effective tools. Its product line consists of:

• Multilingual fonts and products development
• Multimedia applications for Education
• Website and web-based development
• Flash oriented tools and products
• Development of CBT, WBT, Kiosk Application, CD-ROM titles.
• Desktop publishing applications development

Our mission is holistic development which starts from the development of an individual, spreads in the village/cities and ends in development of whole society, state and whole nation. In order to accomplish our mission, we are providing an integrated software solutions in all the above areas.



Focus Areas

Our solutions mainly focus on the most necessary needs of life through IT based products, which saves 90% of your money and time. The following are our main focus areas:

• Institute Automation
• Office Automation
• Home Automation
• Hospital Automation