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Posted: 01.Jan.2011.

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Note: All libraries will be visible through Virtual Blackboard and contents are propertion to HDTV.

You have the advantage of selecting your subject specific backgrounds so that it will save your effort of getting them from other sources or making your subject related backgrounds. We will be adding more and more subject/topic related backgrounds as per common requests and these will be made available to you through our website.

Initially we will provide libraries for backgrounds after that curriculam contents. We need suggestions and inputs from all users and visitors to make available all content libraries for the contents of their institutions. We are also contributing in "Free Online Digital Universal Education" ( to each and every corner of the globe and promote digital solution everywhere.


Virtual Blackboard Libraries: 

 Virtual Blackboard has default paper backgrounds, which are commonly used by students, teachers and professionals. We have included Green backgrounds in the installer to use as a default library.

1001 - Nature green backgrounds (Default background library)
1002 - Suject backgrounds

Product Gallery

Virtual Blackboard Libraries
Virtual Blackboard Libraries
11111 - Nature green backgrounds
11111 - Nature green backgrounds
11112 - subject backgrounds
11112 - subject backgrounds
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Can I use these contents and libraries in other application?

No. You are not allowed to use in other application or presentation without our permission.

First buy any virtual Blackboard product and register in this site with your complete information. After that, you can able to download additional contents and libraries with your user rights.