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Posted: 24.Aug.2011.

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Virtual Blackboard Pro v1.1 has included the same Virtual Blackboard tool but it has an additional tools. It has manual and auto backup feature, a browser facility and royalty free publish facility. Users can make tutorials and publish them in web as well as in CD-ROM.  Also they can distribute them freely or sell them commercially. It is specially recommended for professionals, institutes and other organizations.


Key features:

Presentation features
You can open PPT files or sequential images and present through this tool. It automatically saves presented presentation with voice-over.
Writing and typing features
You can write using different colors and effects. Even you can type your text contents and apply text styles with colors. 
Drawing and coloring tools
It has all necessary drawing tools. Using these tools you can draw graphics using colors and save it as digitized data.
Capture files with voice-over
When you write and draw something during your presentation/teaching/study, it automatically saves along with voice-over.
Modify and append in captured files
After saving any file, you can open and modify it. You can also append more information to the selected file.
Replay captured files
You can open any file from captured list and replay it. Even you can navigate and see as it was captured.
Background Libraries
You can download background libraries and install through Virtual Blackboard settings. You can load backgrounds as per your topic.
Manage folders and files
You can assign your subject/category and add/modify the title and description of any file so that it will be searchable.
Backup Feature
It has manual and auto backup features. Select auto backup features and it will keep backup automatically everyday.
Through this tool you can publish your contents/tutorial. After this you can distribute it through your CD or website.

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